Jake’s Grill

This is one happy hour I’m sure to go back to! Cheap food and quality!? What madness!?




Pizzzzza!!! Do’n it right in pdx!?


New York style pizza.

Cheesecake factory!


Carrot cake cheesecake!


Buffalo 🐃 blasts


SW egg rolls


Chicken sliders and avocado egg rolls


I, lilmunchpriness, declare that this site needs a face-lift! Although I have abandoned my WordPress account for a while now, I missed sharing all the wonderful things I’m eating! This page will now be majority be a space for food porn: delicious and mouth watering naughty foods. Less reviews and more pictures. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I hope the pictures speak for themselves!

Home made fruit tart

Extremely easy to make and delicious to eat. This was so petty I almost didn’t want to cut into it…almost…! Tastes like cheesecake but  definitely a lot easier to make so I nicknamed this the lazy man’s or woman’s cheesecake.  .


Lucky Strike (***)


Lucky strike, more like a strike out in my book!
This local Hawthorne Chinese, Szechuan eatery popped into my radar through google offers. With a $10 off $25 coupon, I believed the food couldn’t be too bad and to be honest, it really wasn’t . The only downside is we spent $20 with the coupon and I still felt like I was ripped off, not to mention leaving hungry! I’d say these are the two worst qualities in a restaurant!
Being a Chinese American and Chinese food connoisseur, I feel like I know the Chinese menu and items fairly well. So when they charged $13 for half a bowl of pork belly, and $5 for a tiny bowl of noodles I can’t help but fantasize about other places I wish I were at! I was so motivated to prove that their food was basic and simple, that I went home and duplicate it there noodles. I must say, mine was actually better and I got full of it!
As pictured above, the very spicy looking dish with all the peppers was the most disappointing. With less than half a pound chicken, the rest of the dish was filled with decoratives red peppers that added no flavor and was the worst filler ever!
Overall,  this is another overpriced Hawthorne eatery that I would probably never visit again. The food wasn’t bad but I just didn’t see the value of their food compared  other Szechuan restaurants that I am more fonde of. Despite the price, the items we ordered used traditional Chinese flavors and spices which I was actually impressed send it is somewhat hard to find these days.
Go ahead and try it if you want but don’t forget your wallet!


Darn you food network! Since I watch so much cooking shows, and have always seen fennel being used,  I have finally fallen victim to the alluring televised fennel.  I bought two “bunches” ans now I just need to figure out what to do with it.  Food Network has strikes again….

Baby kale and feeling sick


So I feel like I’m getting a cold which is strange considering is almost summer time but that’s life. As I was looking for something healthy with lots of vitamins , I remembered I had pounds of baby kale that needed to be used. The dish I made turned out to be baby kale pesto with walnuts and pine nuts. I blended the baby kale, toasted walnuts and pine nuts together and mixed it with some pre existent bottle of pesto sauce I had. I can’t say it’s wonderfully delicious but it tastes really really healthy which I guess what I was looking for! Although it wasn’t fantastic, it wasn’t half bad to eat! I’m off to sleep now, and hopefully I will feel like myself again tomorrow! All thanks to kale. Who knew kale could be so versatile.

Baby kale

Hi food lovers,
I need your help. I can’t find a good use for baby kale. I’m used to making an Italian soup with it but I really want to try something new. I have about a pound of it and I’m not quite sure what to make, so I’m opening it up to food loving bloggers!
Got an idea?  Tell me!

Lil Asian girl attempts Mexican tamales!

Tamale success! Chicken tamales with spicy green sauce and well seasoned tamale dough (my secret). Unlike typical Mexican tamales that use an abundant of oil or lard, I decided to make my without these diet killers. My secret to this is homemade chicken stock and a really well seasoned masa dough.

I even brought my tamales to my Mexican co-workers and he has finally admitted mine are better than his! So satisfied! Now I only wish he would stop pestering me about making more, they are a pain in the rear and are so time  consuming.

While I was making it, I also experimented with different flavors. I would definitely suggest curry! It’s an awesome fusion on Mexican and Asian flavors. I also put cheese in some of them but it’s a mess when you steam them. I’d suggest keeping the cheese on the outside!

I’m all about the sharing of recipes and knowledge so if you have a suggestion, inquiry, or whatever: contact me!

-Chicken breast and dark meat mix preferably with bone.
-5 tamatio (probably not spelled right)
– 4 jalapenos
– ur choice of spices: oregano, basil,