Our food venture for today was Tanuki Japanese bar. I must say it was certainly an interesting experience at this restaurant/bar; although, I would rate this restaurant average at best. Tanuki has an extensive asian alcohol selection and limited assortment of small dishes. The  food was less than impressive and  left much to be desired.

We ordered quail eggs, squid jerky, hanger steak, and crispy seaweed wrap with rice. Although, the steak was cook perfectly, it was overly salty with no balance of flavor or contrast to the all the herbs; all we can taste was the overbearing salty sauce that covered everything. Perhaps, this was done on purpose to induce more drinking, but the only thing  it made us reach for was more water.  The crispy seaweed wrap was extremely basic and can be found in any asian store. The dish consist of nothing more then seaweed, rice, and dry pork; which led me to wonder, “where is the uniqueness?”  My favorite dish, was the squid jerky, they were savory and spicy, but not overly dry (wondered if they made it, if not, where can I buy some? ).

The restaurant as a whole was small and hard to find, they have a very limited amount of seating. The decor was dark and culturally confusing with loud American music, pinball machines, and japanese drama playing in the background (maybe they are going for a japanese dive bar? idk).

The only unique factor about this restaurant was that they had an option to set a price range and the cooks will surprise you with several dishes. As a  warning the prices start at 15 dollars per person and everyone at the table must participate. Since we weren’t too hungry, we didn’t get to try this option but I don’t think it would be worth it after the experience we had.
The menu also had a happy hour from five to six thirty and had fairly priced drinks starting at 2 dollars and cheap snacks that start at 1 dollar. Based on the happy hour, I might come back just to try it but otherwise I would say it’s not worth it. If you have been there, tell me what u think!







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