Food venture.
So, this is my first time trying Ethiopian food and there is nothing I can really compare it to so it’s hard to actually judge this restaurant. For this restaurant and this type of food, I definitely had to do some quick research online. What I found out was that the dish that we had was a traditional Ethiopian meal where all the guests share food from the same plate (a understatedly large plate). This is called breaking “injera” and it signifies bonds of loyalty and friendship. If nothing else, this meal has certainly been a learning experience!

Now back to the dining experience. It was definitely in the traditional Ethiopian fashion with no silverware and eaten only with hands ( how exciting to “play” with your food). The food was interesting, to say the least. The plate was lined with a staple Ethiopian bread that was a bit sour ( almost like a thiner and softer sour dough) and on top was a variety of side dishes that are meant to be eaten together. This is pretty much all that I can tell you, since I have no idea what’s in the sidedishes besides the basic ingredients.
Overall, the service, food and ambiance was great so either give this Ethiopian restaurant or at least any Ethiopian place if u haven’t tried it yet.




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  1. expatchef says:

    Looks delicious!

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