Food Venture:

So this is absolutely one of my favorite Thai restaurants and that is saying something since we have a lot in pdx and I have tried many of these. Although there are several things that attracted me to Sivalai the first time I came here was because of the  best sounding word ever, “FREE!” They have free Thai ice tea, free salad rolls with peanut sauce and free mango sticky rice for dessert. This alone is worth giving this small family owned restaurant a try.

Although I have been coming here for years, I have only tried a quarter of their menu and I usually stick to my favorites. My absolute favorites are pad see ew, which is a basic fat rice noodle dish, drunken noodle (pictured below), and any of their curries. I would say that the food is basic but tastes good, which is more than I can say for more expensive places.

Another attraction is the great service. Because they are a smaller place, they are very attentive and friendly. The owner (a bald hilarious guy) remembers faces extremely well and makes anyone feel welcomed. The price range is from $5-13 with most dishes around $8.

Food/drinks: ***1/2

Ambiance: **






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