You dim sum, you lose sum. (stolen from a wise t-shirt)

This (the pictures) is dim sum, for some of you that haven’t seen it before and it’s not only a Chinese staple but also delicious! Here in pdx, we have a fair amount of dim sum restaurants but this takes the cake… or the shew-mai (lol, for those of you who get it). Unlike some generic places, you can tell that they make their own dim sum meaning it’s not store bought crap. The sizes of each individual piece is much larger and contain intact pieces of ingredients such as shrimp. They also make it fresh when ordered so everything is always nice and hot when you get it (the best way to enjoy dim sum).

Some must tries would be their shew-mai, haw-gou(shrimp ball), and dizhe-gou (shrimp and scallop) (sorry this is the best translation i have from Chinese)!

  • Food/Drinks: ****(only for dim-sum)
  • Ambiance: ***
  • Service: ***
  • Price: ***






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