Okay so this post/review is going to sound really sad because this is more of a kid’s place and my group of friends are round 15-22 years old. Alright, so the only reason why we came here was because there was a really good deal on Sharing Spree compared to the normal price, so keep in mind we didn’t actually pay full price. John’s incredible Pizza Company was defiantly not “incredible” and was more like a glamorized Chuck-E-Cheese without the creepy dancing mouse.

This place had a pizza, salad, pasta, desert and drink bar which all sounds great until you notice it’s just a bunch of carbs meant to fill a person up. The individual “bars” were not fully stocked and items had to be requested (mac and cheese pizza=gross). One unique factor however was the five individually themed rooms to eat at (the themes weren’t that great coming from a big kid like myself).




The place also had an indoor arcade/rides area. Only a handful of games were actually unique and the rides (twister and kiddie swinging) were fairly expensive with the cheapest game costing .50 cents to $2.50 for each ride. The best part of this whole experience was the bumper carts which I believe is appropriate at any age! 😀 Overall, everything was just average and defiantly not worth the full price! Perhaps this would be fun for actual kids but probably not adults/teenagers!


  •      Food/Drinks: **1/2
  •      Ambiance: **1/2
  •      Service: ***1/2
  •      Price:****

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