So this is probably one of thee fanciest restaurants I have had the pleasure of eating at and this is the highest amount of stars that I have given out thus far. Although I do not make a habit of eating 30$ steaks and fancy myself as a “fancy restaurant” kind of girl, I did stay true to myself by having an awesome Groupon that defiantly helped shaved more than half off the bill.

Whenever anyone goes to a fancy restaurant, people always wants to know: was it worth it? My answer? Yes with the Groupon and perhaps yes when it’s a special occasion but probably not for a basic meal. The picture below is a New York strip with mashed potatoes,  snap peas and a corn and tomato garnish. The steak was absolutely delicious and the dinners that my companions had (salmon-27$) were cooked beautifully and paired with an amazing tomato and olive puree. The food is beautiful, delicious and also expensive but I recommend it!


The decor was very open and warm with large glass panels showing an outdoor seating area. This restaurant is hidden in the woods and it feels almost like a getaway.

The only negative things that I can say about this restaurant is that they didn’t cook the steak how I wanted it but I’m not picky and it was still delicious so that was fine. The service is also a bit slow (they were busy) but the wait staff was extremely friendly and fairly knowledgeable.

Although I usually don’t pay too much attention to the desserts (since I don’t need the extra temptation…) the Groupon came with it  which made the dinner all that much  sweeter. The picture below is created table side(I will post video in my next post) and it was pan-fried bananas in banana liquor poured over vanilla ice cream. Although it sounds cool and awesome, I wished it tasted as good as it sounded. After a little while it was just bananas with warm melted ice cream. Not great but looked cool!

imageOverall Rating:

  • Food/Drinks: ****
  • Service:***1/2
  • Ambiance: ****
  • Price:****





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