Happy hour venture.

Brix was a big surprise just because I came here before and their happy hour wasn’t that great but now it’s actually pretty good in the food and drink department. The food is fairly priced with items ranging from $3-8 and drinks from $3-6.


Although I’ve tried some of the items on the happy hour menu last time I came, I was pleasantly surprised by the added menu items. My favorite: “warm soft polenta with rick shrimp.” I could care less about the shrimp but the polenta and the sauce it was served with was just amazing!!! The polenta was warm, soft, cheesy and perfectly seasoned…I just wished there was more! *pout* Another item that needs mention is their “hot pocket.” I know when most of you think of hot pockets, you think of the Twinkie of frozen foods but this is not what you think. What they call a hot pocket is more like a mini calzone made with pizza dough, cheese and choice of meat. It was actually a pretty good deal considering it was only $3.

This place is defiantly a must try for happy hour!

  • Food/drinks:****
  • Service: ***
  • Ambiance:***
  • Price:****(good)






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