Happy hour venture.

Oh, this place was such a disappointment. My brother and I came because of the cheep beer, which they had (and a huge selection!-see pic 1) but the food was just way too basic.

image The portions on the happy hour menu were small and most of it was just dough such as garlic knots (dough with butter and parmesan cheese powder) and garlic bread (oh how elegant…). And since this restaurant is in the Pearl District and is known for pizzas, we expected the pizza to be one of the redeeming menu items and sadly it was not! The pizza was basic and had no uniqueness factor at all! The pizza along with 95% of their menu items were covered with the parmesan cheese powder but it seems like they’re covering up lack of uniqueness.

The only one redeeming happy hour items were the meatballs which were surprisingly juicy but very expensive at regular price and the sampler salad (picture #2) which was basic but good.

One good thing that I can say about this restaurant is that they have a lot of beer and that it is nicely designed with a lot of open light. Tt’s just a shame that the food didn’t match the decor or the feel of the place. Based on the happy hour menu, I wouldn’t order anything from the regular menu. I say go there for the beer and perhaps a snack but don’t look for anything unique from the food. Enjoy!

PS: Portlanders love their beer and pizza combo- you gotta make it good!


  • Food/Drinks: food:**1/2 -drinks: **** (only during happy hr- check website)
  • Service: ****
  • Ambiance: ***1/2
  • Price: ** for happy hour-*** 1/2 regular menu





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