Pizza outing

I introduce everyone to the Italian with added meatballs. This heavy topping pizza is the creation of Rudy’s Gourmet Pizza, a small family run pizzeria  The thing that I love most about this pizzeria  is the amount of toppings. Believe me when I say that they are not light-handed with the toppings. Their menu ranges from 7-28$.


The Italian

Now there are several things that I look for in my pizzas: 1)the crust, 2) toppings, 3) the bottom of the pizza. The crust for this pizza was lightly sprinkled with cheese and is finished with a little bit of butter or oil. As far as crusts goes, it was fairly good with a nice chew. Of course, I have already covered the butt load of toppings but just because there is more doesn’t mean it’s better. The individual toppings were however basic;ones that can be found anywhere. And finally, I get to the bottom of the pizza. What I usually look for is a crisp at the bottom, which is harder to find than you might think. For this pizza, I did find a crisp but I also found that the crisp faded when the juices from the tipping leaked down.

Overall, I would describe this experience as a delicious pizza outing. Pizza can never be bad, bad for a diet perhaps.


  • Food/drinks:***1/2
  • Service: ***1/2
  • Ambiance:**1/2
  • Price:****(good)
Buffalo Chicken wings!


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