Tamale success! Chicken tamales with spicy green sauce and well seasoned tamale dough (my secret). Unlike typical Mexican tamales that use an abundant of oil or lard, I decided to make my without these diet killers. My secret to this is homemade chicken stock and a really well seasoned masa dough.

I even brought my tamales to my Mexican co-workers and he has finally admitted mine are better than his! So satisfied! Now I only wish he would stop pestering me about making more, they are a pain in the rear and are so time  consuming.

While I was making it, I also experimented with different flavors. I would definitely suggest curry! It’s an awesome fusion on Mexican and Asian flavors. I also put cheese in some of them but it’s a mess when you steam them. I’d suggest keeping the cheese on the outside!

I’m all about the sharing of recipes and knowledge so if you have a suggestion, inquiry, or whatever: contact me!

-Chicken breast and dark meat mix preferably with bone.
-5 tamatio (probably not spelled right)
– 4 jalapenos
– ur choice of spices: oregano, basil,


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