Lucky strike, more like a strike out in my book!
This local Hawthorne Chinese, Szechuan eatery popped into my radar through google offers. With a $10 off $25 coupon, I believed the food couldn’t be too bad and to be honest, it really wasn’t . The only downside is we spent $20 with the coupon and I still felt like I was ripped off, not to mention leaving hungry! I’d say these are the two worst qualities in a restaurant!
Being a Chinese American and Chinese food connoisseur, I feel like I know the Chinese menu and items fairly well. So when they charged $13 for half a bowl of pork belly, and $5 for a tiny bowl of noodles I can’t help but fantasize about other places I wish I were at! I was so motivated to prove that their food was basic and simple, that I went home and duplicate it there noodles. I must say, mine was actually better and I got full of it!
As pictured above, the very spicy looking dish with all the peppers was the most disappointing. With less than half a pound chicken, the rest of the dish was filled with decoratives red peppers that added no flavor and was the worst filler ever!
Overall,  this is another overpriced Hawthorne eatery that I would probably never visit again. The food wasn’t bad but I just didn’t see the value of their food compared  other Szechuan restaurants that I am more fonde of. Despite the price, the items we ordered used traditional Chinese flavors and spices which I was actually impressed send it is somewhat hard to find these days.
Go ahead and try it if you want but don’t forget your wallet!


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