Nothing defines life better than the experiences we go through and nothing adds to the experiences of life than food. Food is an amazing and wondrous aspect to everyday living that everyone can identify with, because eating is a universal necessity to sustain and nourish life. Although, food is a basic requirement to survive, the type of foods and the way it’s eaten can transform an ordinary meal that sustains your body into an extraordinary experience that nourishes your soul. Great food bring friends and families together and  changes the very essence of a meal, elevating the experience to something beyond consuming a necessity to enjoying that very moment we can forever cherish.

The love for food is what brought my family and this blog together; good food and good company is what we are all about. If you haven’t met us, we are really INSPIRED by all the wonders of food and the way it has changed over the years. Food is constantly changing with the culture and acts as a mirror of the changes within society. We are first generation Chinese Americans and we have personally experienced the change in food within our own family. From traditional Chinese dishes to more culturally diverse foods, we find ourselves in a playground of new and exciting flavors. We have also been in and out of the restaurant business for most of our lives and have had the joys of experiencing food from all walks of life.  We are self-proclaimed Food Network junkies that enjoy eating and cooking all the amazing dishes we see. Whether, it’s elegant French cuisine to a run of the mill Mexican burrito cart; we are always up for good food.

ps. please suggest more places around pdx to try 🙂


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  1. expatchef says:

    Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to your future posts!

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