Green bean bonanza!

Hello blogosphere, I just came across a case of fresh green beans but have no idea how or what to do with them. I’m looking for creative and unique suggestions about what to do with them.  Please help! I’m a noob of a cook so any suggestions would be great!

Apps to find local food eaterys

Urban spoon: nice shaker app that helps you find what to eat depending on your location and preferences.
Happy hour: finds local happy hour based on location
Groupon: groupon now feature
Living social: New delivery feature and now

spinach feta grilled cheese with smoked turkey


Portland Seafood Company ***

Sea(Food) venture

I’m just going to start out by saying that I hate it whenever people mention seafood, everyone is so ohh and aww about it because it  is generally more expensive.  I see seafood as just another protein, the only difference is that you generally get less and have to pay more!

Since it is more expensive, my brother and I tried the Portland Seafood Company for happy hour. As you can see or maybe not from the picture, we ordered jumbo clam strips, clam chowder, fish and chips and fries with cheese sauce. Overall the only things that I enjoyed were the fries and the the fish. the fries just cause they’re fired and the fish because it was a fair portion size. As for the negatives, the clam strips were underdone and I found a piece with sand in it. The chowder was missing something, not quite sure what but it was only average, I think I could have gotten better out of a Progressive can! And you know what they say about a seafood restaurant and the clam chowder…

  • Food/drinks:***
  • Service: ****
  • Ambiance:****
  • Price:***(Average)


Rudy’s Gourmet pizza ***1/2

Pizza outing

I introduce everyone to the Italian with added meatballs. This heavy topping pizza is the creation of Rudy’s Gourmet Pizza, a small family run pizzeria  The thing that I love most about this pizzeria  is the amount of toppings. Believe me when I say that they are not light-handed with the toppings. Their menu ranges from 7-28$.


The Italian

Now there are several things that I look for in my pizzas: 1)the crust, 2) toppings, 3) the bottom of the pizza. The crust for this pizza was lightly sprinkled with cheese and is finished with a little bit of butter or oil. As far as crusts goes, it was fairly good with a nice chew. Of course, I have already covered the butt load of toppings but just because there is more doesn’t mean it’s better. The individual toppings were however basic;ones that can be found anywhere. And finally, I get to the bottom of the pizza. What I usually look for is a crisp at the bottom, which is harder to find than you might think. For this pizza, I did find a crisp but I also found that the crisp faded when the juices from the tipping leaked down.

Overall, I would describe this experience as a delicious pizza outing. Pizza can never be bad, bad for a diet perhaps.


  • Food/drinks:***1/2
  • Service: ***1/2
  • Ambiance:**1/2
  • Price:****(good)
Buffalo Chicken wings!

Banana cookies with chocolate chips.

Banana chocolate chip cookies with Pecans! Less sugar, less butter but still delicious! I think this will be my breakfast on the go! Just google banana cookies for the recipe.


Claim Jumper’a Irish nachos (fries)

Awesome French fries. Skinny, cheesy and bacon, all the things French fries should be and for only 4$ for happy hour. I sure hope Claim Jumper is universal so everyone can try them. PS: best chicken pot pie!


Making Banana bread

trying this recipe from but since I can never follow recipes, I added chocolate chip! lol Baking right now, nope it turns out good! nXnn fingers crossed! 

Banana Bread

Oregon state fair

The Oregon State Fair is back and it’s in Salem,OR. This year they will have all sorts of tasty treats such as fresh baked bread and blackberry pie competitions. The fair is also know for have elephant ears, sweet and savory caramel corn and all sorts of yummy fair foods. Only once a year and there will be concerts and entertainments.

Doing what dogs do best.